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This is the first entry in an ever-growing podcast I host on As I shared in my last blog post, one of my primary focuses in this self-employment endeavor is to be an agent in building up the film industry in the Boise area.

I can sense an energy swirling around this community, an energy that’s been building for the last fifteen years, and it feels like it’s coming to a peak this year.

After bumbling around for a bit in trying to figure out my place in building up a proper industry out of a growing film community, I realized that the thing I’m best at is getting people to talk. I love listening to the passions of others, and asking questions that probe into their motivations and reasoning. (It doesn’t hurt that over the years I’ve developed a strong speaking voice through many, many hours of necessity-driven narration for various video projects!)

Here’s my first podcast:

The Flying Fedora podcast has over twenty entries now on I’d love it if you subscribed and follow along on the adventure!

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