Consider these statistics about the importance of
using video to market your organization:

of all Internet traffic this year is projected to be video content
0 times
as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than read about it
of consumers surveyed wanted to see more video content in 2016
of people that use video marketing say it directly impacts their business

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Short Film: I’M FINE

NAKED WE CAME book trailer

KidCheck – Fitness Center

Peace With Food – App Trailer


Relationship: Our Highest Priority

We start with a getting-to-know-you meeting. We chat about your project, budget, and expectations. If the relationship feels right then we’ll get to work!

Collaboration: Better Than Competition

We often partner with other production companies, and as our relationships with other media professionals grow, you’ll benefit from them as well.

Vision: The Passion That Drives Us

Flying Fedora Film’s ultimate vision is to build up the video and film industry in Boise, Idaho. We’re always looking for clients who think big, too!

Value: Delivering a High ROI

When you tell a compelling, authentic story through the power of video, you touch the emotions of your target audience and solicit a response.

What makes us unique?

It’s simple – we’re not interested in keeping the craft of video production a mystery, or keeping our clients in the dark about the process. Our experience and hard work are what make us valuable to you, not classified secrets of the trade. You’re never going to have to wonder about the status of a project, and you’re always going to have a smooth and hassle-free experience, able to provide feedback and adjustments as we get your video project just right.

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Lastly… what’s with the hat?

Flying Fedora Film LLC’s founder and CEO, Brandon Freeman, has always had a fondness for fedoras and their attachment to a particular adventurous character and his courageous (if not haphazard) leaps into the unknown. Creating this company has been a leap of faith all its own, and as we push toward our ultimate vision, the fedora reminds us that, while there’s a lot of planning and strategy required, sometimes, you just gotta jump.