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Corporate Film: Jessie Nilo – Created To Thrive testimonial

Corporate Film: FairyTale Studios – by JOates Portraits

Short Film: I’M FINE


Vision (Why-What-Win)

Before we do anything, we gotta know why we’re doing it – and so do you. Then we lock in what it looks like, and set up the very clear win to keep us motivated. What’s your why?


Make people laugh, think, and share it. The medium of film is powerful – so let’s use it. No cookie-cutter videos here – let’s do something new and true.


We’re all about that fire. If we’re gonna do a thing, it’s gotta punch. We’re looking for clients and collaborators who’d rather go hard than go home.


Anyone can make a video. Anyone. You don’t come here to make videos. You come here to craft art that serves. We’re not cheap. We’re just damn good.

Make ’em look, click, and share.

In a world where anyone can make a video, we’re not focused on the tech, the gadgets, or the snazzy behind-the-scenes looks at production. We get it. You get it. Cameras are cool. Don’t worry – we shoot on cool cameras.
But we’re here to tell stories that catch your audience’s attention and don’t let up. Whether it’s a 15-60 second brand film ad, a 2-5 minute corporate film, a music video, or other creative endeavor – we’re gonna make them look, make them click, and make them share. That’s our why.

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Why does the Fedora Fly? A note from founder Brandon Freeman.

A long time ago, I wore a fedora. I also had a big beard and long hair. I didn’t realize it, but I used those things to hide from myself. Fast forward to now, big beard’s gone, hair’s nice and trim, and fedora’s long since tossed. I found who I am, and I learned to love myself. The fedora had to fly for that to happen. Flying Fedora Film’s ultimate vision is to highlight self-discovery and acceptance. It’s where we get our edge, our attitude, and we hope to instill some of that into you. So what are you hiding behind? Maybe it’s time to toss it…