Flying Fedora Film - Creating engaging film content to captivate audiences


Flying Fedora Film - Creating engaging film content to captivate audiences


Flying Fedora Film

Flying Fedora Film is a film production company based in the USA. It was founded by Brandon Freeman in May 2016. Originally established as his freelance brand, it has now expanded into its own production entity while retaining a focus on industry collaboration and development.

At Flying Fedora Film, we specialize in helping companies, agencies, and artists produce film content that engages their desired demographic. Our approach to film production is fearless, vulnerable, and edgy, pushing audiences to think, react, engage, and share.

We work collaboratively with our clients to hone in on the core DNA of their product, service, or message, developing a surprising or off-the-wall concept that resonates with their desired audience. We don't emulate other advertising brands or trends; we create a unique advertisement that stands out and captures the audience emotionally.

In addition to helping clients with their advertising needs, we work with artists and individuals who want to take their creative concepts to the screen. We collaborate with them to explore their WHY and WHAT, providing consultation and a game plan they can get excited about. We manage the logistics of production while keeping them close to the creative center of direction. We also help brainstorm distribution avenues and options to get their completed product into the world.

Our services include brand advertising films, company culture films, music videos, documentary production, film production services, and creative training videos. At Flying Fedora Film, we're passionate about bringing our client's stories to life and capturing their vision in a way that resonates with their audience.

Our Team

Flying Fedora Film team of Ceo and Creative Producers

Cary Judd (Left)

Creative Producer

Brings a sharp and crisp understanding of emotionally aware creativity, with a strong bent towards life altering documentary filmmaking.

Brandon Freeman (Center)

CEO & Creative Producer

Brandon Freeman is the CEO and Creative Director of Flying Fedora Film, a leading film production company. Brandon's passion for filmmaking started when he picked up a handy cam at the young age of 16. His fascination with cinematography, screenwriting, film editing and music composition led him to pursue his dream of becoming a media producer.

Joy Rachel Moore (Right)

Creative Producer

Brings the mindset of a trained performer and singer, with a particular passion for music videos. We're very excited for what's ahead!

At Flying Fedora Film, our mission is to help our clients tell their stories and engage with their audience through fearless and compelling film production that pushes the boundaries and stands out from the competition.

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