Our Process

Friends for Meridian’s Future e-mailed their original PowerPoint and script. For my first step, I recorded my narration of the script and mixed in some music, and sent that audio file for review. Once that audio piece was approved, I moved forward on putting together a rough storyboard outline of how media elements would be used in the slideshow, with the audio file attached. I included requests for additional media from the organization.

Once I had locked down all of their media elements and gained approval on the visual rough cut, I brought in the elements into Adobe After Effects and designed a 3D slideshow. Final turnaround time was inside of a week from initial contact.

The client was quite pleased!

Friends for Meridian’s Future contacted me off a referral from another production company. They had a tight deadline and needed to convert a basic script and PowerPoint slides into an informational video for their website and social media.

Friends for Meridian’s Future

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