Brandon Freeman is one of those rare people whose sheer persistence makes things happen. Like a stream of water that doesn’t stop until the canyon is formed. A true collaborative genius.
Jon A. RavenholtActor, MARK OF THE VEIL
Brandon has worked with us on many projects of various lengths and styles. He is consistently excellent in understanding the message and intent of each piece and capturing our vision through the scripting, filming and editing process. We trust him implicitly.
Trevor EstesLead Pastor, VINEYARD BOISE
Brandon is a great project manager and takes a quiet leadership of any project he's involved in, seeing it faithfully to completion. He moves skillfully from vision to story to production to a final product that engages and entertains his audience.
Whenever I have a question about filmmaking or the filmmaking process, I call Brandon first. An extremely professional and talented individual. And always styling in that fedora.
I have known Brandon Freeman at Flying Fedora Film for over twenty years and have watched him develop and grow in his skill sets to the consummate professional he is today. I have hired him to shoot and edit numerous technical films that teach doctors how to perform diagnostic and treatment protocols. He understands what I am looking for and delivers a great product.
I have worked with Brandon many times with him as director and as writer. I have been the actor and the co-writer in most of our collaborations. He is an outstandingly talented and kind person that strives to push himself and others to do better. I plan to continue to work with him for many years to come.
Mark VashroActor, MARK OF THE VEIL
I hired Flying Fedora Film to make a fundraiser video promo for my new business. The resulting video conveyed my heart, vision, and goals creatively and beautifully with absolute accuracy and passion. It was the perfect big-picture communication I needed; it's precise, funky, and fun to watch. I'm very pleased!
Jessie NiloOwner, Art Fruition